And kitsch still exists even at Christmas.

On my desk every morning, right now, I have a little pile of envelopes with the greeting cards of the year, which also means that soon I’m going to have to work on mine.

This tradition tends to be lost in Europe, unlike the other side of the Atlantic, where it is a real institution. It must be said that they love to offer cards at every opportunity. In order not to make a mistake in the USA, one must send his wishes by mail and make sure that they arrive before December 24 (as evidenced by the postmark), otherwise, to pass you for a malotru. Well, you will tell me that this will allow the following year not to have a collection to write, since this act of rudeness will remove you definitively from the lists of your friends. Personally, I was a fan of writing them in mid-January to thank my ancestors for their generosity and to wish them a happy new year. So I had to comply with the drafting in December with a large jar of ice cream to ease me that burden.

Unlike the French, my American friends can go out of their way to invent their greeting cards and some think about it for weeks. Well, I agree with you, they’re not always good taste. Between themes that have no connection with the holiday season (science fiction, rock band), improbable montages, and animals crashing… it’s almost hard to soften. We can never say it enough: sobriety and classic style are the hallmarks of this card. The originality doesn’t excuse everything.

How can one dress with such costumes? It is not very seyant 😂
In the end, Christmas is not as quiet as we think… but who had the idea of such a greeting card
I can’t understand the concept of children taped to the wall and how it relates to Christmas…
It’s a concept….
Ah, parents who can’t stand their kids near Christmas…
This family has been the queen of the most kitsch greeting cards since 2003.
I’ll have nightmares tonight, but how can you send such a horror?
I can’t post on the greeting cards without mentioning the American royal family, the Kardashians…. They are very mafia on this card. Can anyone remind them that Christmas is synonymous with joy!!!!
This is the crisis even for greeting cards…
They had to make one, but nobody wanted make
Acrobatic. But what an idea!!!!!

If you have better ones, send them me


La Puce


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