Are you a romantic soul when you talk about what you want?

Following the many claims of some, who had been waiting for several days for the end of my previous article, I take up the pen to finish the expressions that we can use to designate the intimacy of a woman.

In a church– Paradise
– The origin of the world

– The common man
– The Promised Land

In a house

– The cigar cellar
– The jewellery box
– The scissor box
– The flute case, the clarinet case or any instrument.
– The garage
– The main entrance
– The boiler
– The ground floor.
– The darkroom
– The tank
– The vestibule
– The boules pool
– The Braves Corridor
Some expressions (especially of oriental inspiration) give pride of place to the mystery that surrounds this “obscure object of desire”: the “wonderful lamp”, the “secret door”…

In the DIY department

– The vice
– The safe.
– The cage
– The scabbard or its variant the flesh scabbard
– The pencil sharpener

In places of pleasure

– La Batcave (nightclub)
– The Game Room
– The window

Expressions borrowed from literature or Hollywood

– The sleeping beauty
– The vertical eye
– The mother ship
– Mini-moite
– My Precious
– The man eater
– The eye of Sauron
– Hodor
– Pink
– In Diana Jones
– Catches heart or tail

The unclassifiable

– The baby factory
– The finger puppet
– Aim for this
– The second mouth
– The split heart
– The pocket.
– a little bit of good (this is my favourite)

And let’s talk about it more simply, calling our intimacy like:
– The bottom
– It or She

You can now shine under the duvet or at the next cocktail party you will be invited to.


La Puce

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