When nostalgia catches you…

The preparations for this weekend of reunions plunge me inexorably into a certain melancholy. Even more so, when some people in my circle, whom I did not know at the time, ask me to tell stories about my university years. Continue Reading

The boorishness

I probably live in a world of Bisounours, in which men are all gentlemen. So, I just fell from the top when ran into a real cad… I thought this category of men had been eradicated from our world, but alas…. They breed in numbers… Continue Reading

The Choupettethon

A few days ago, I launched a big campaign to find the rare pearl for our friend Choupette. I wanted to play the Cupid (ok, I need distraction ). I took pity on him when I learned that his entourage threatened to lock him up in an abbey if he persisted in remaining single (well, they had behind their heads to get beer to the eye). We had to save Choupette! Continue Reading

The naughty portrait of my dear Bouddha

For some time now, I have been writing to you about my dear Buddha, a very important friend. His wisdom close to Yoda helps me stay on my path by no longer betraying my values, or who I really am. He is desperately trying to show me that even if it feels like we are at the end of the road, life can bring us some nice surprises. Continue Reading

You cheat me, I leave you and after ???

“[In the US or in Britain] an adventure, even a one-night adventure, means that marriage is over,” observed Pamela Druckerman (NdT: author of a book on the different cultural representations of infidelity in the world). “I talked to women who immediately packed their bags and left the home the day they found out their husband was unfaithful, because ‘that’s what happens. ’ Not because that’s what they wanted to do – just because they thought it was the rule. They didn’t even seem to realize there were other opportunities— In fact, it really feels like they were reading a role that was already written!”.

Continue Reading

The Choupette riddle

I’m in a meeting and I’m bored. They’re feeding me numbers and schematics that don’t make any sense to me. I know I should concentrate, but I can’t. After all, my partner will give me a summary, that’s his role. To show me studious, I opened my cell phone and I’m going to pretend (what I do very well, it seems) to note all this obscure stuff. Continue Reading

Making love is a gift…

A little post to reply to an email I just received that made me angry. Another idiot who confuses polyamory with sexual orgy. Besides, calling me a whore in the early hours of the morning never pleases. Continue Reading