Apps to spice up your life under the duvet

You thought a smartphone was just for making calls, texting and hanging out on social networks? Get that out of your head. We’ve just found a completely new feature. From now on, make your smartphone an ally that will help you liberate your sexuality. Of course, all these apps are free and very easy to use! Continue Reading

The naughty portrait of my dear Bouddha

For some time now, I have been writing to you about my dear Buddha, a very important friend. His wisdom close to Yoda helps me stay on my path by no longer betraying my values, or who I really am. He is desperately trying to show me that even if it feels like we are at the end of the road, life can bring us some nice surprises. Continue Reading

Making love is a gift…

A little post to reply to an email I just received that made me angry. Another idiot who confuses polyamory with sexual orgy. Besides, calling me a whore in the early hours of the morning never pleases. Continue Reading

And our chest…

After making a small descent, let’s discover the variety of breasts that inhabit this planet. We can nevertheless distinguish 7 large families thanks to studies of the lingerie brand like ThirdLove. Otherwise, there is a more marketable classification that reveals our personality. I propose you both. Continue Reading