Christmas tale for adults

I decided to tell you a little Christmas story for older children that might give you some ideas…. Good reading.

It’s Christmas, but I’ve been busy at work all day. Morality, I could not get home until very late and I hoped that my man would not complain, even if I had warned him in the afternoon.

As soon as I crossed the threshold, the house seemed empty. No noise, no light… Fearing that he had abandoned our sweet home during my absence, I called him to the cantonade. I was relieved, when I heard the sound of his beautiful deep voice answering me from the bathroom.

When I passed a head through the bathroom, I found him shaving. In his peignoir, I thought he was wonderful and jumped him around his neck to make up for my late arrival. He’ll whisper a few sweet words into my ear to melt me permanently. Envy and eroticism filled his voice, which made me submit to his will implicitly.

He knew so well how to make me crazy about him. Her lips peeled from my ear, her face moved to pass before mine, her nose followed my skin, her lips grazed mine. He continued on my cheek on the other side to finally reach my other ear where he resumed in an unbearable sensuality.

He said me : “You seem a little tense today. I’m going to help you relax.”

And without giving me the time to answer, always glued and unable to react, his soft and warm lips came to tackle mine. His tongue came between my lips to meet mine. Our tongues went into a beautiful frenetic ballet.

In an instant, we both went on a beautiful journey. There is no longer any notion of time or space, our embrace turned into a crazy dance in the middle of the universe in which we floated without any constraint and in an intense heat.

Her hands passed over my neck and caressed me gently without our lips letting go for a second. In response to this sweetness, my hands slipped on her forms to reach her hips in order to keep her pelvis close to mine. I moved slightly to ignite the fire between our two bodies. The intensity of our mutual desire was perfectly understood, our bodies responded to the slightest caress. It didn’t take much for things to move very quickly.

It quickly loosens the buttons of my blouse. I quickly challenge the cord of his robe to place my torso against his. My hands slipped on her skin, whose contact I loved so much. His fingers did not remain inactive, they lingered along my skin sheathed with my thighs. I cannot hide my desire for your body, my breasts are proudly erect betray me. This multiplies his desire for me. I can feel her sex swelling up against my thigh.

The last piece of fabric removed, we could give free rein to our desires, our caresses, our desires. With fervour, his hands caressed my buttocks which he found so beautiful, so soft, and so warm.

Without warning and while we were still kissing fiercely, I crouched down to put myself in front of the object of all my lusts, my hands came to land against his buttocks. My face slipped along your legs with my tongue following the curves of its forms before crashing against her pubis.

It did not take long for me to collect in my mouth a few drops of his nectar. This moisture so delicious that made me melt. I gently open my lips while I stare at him with your mutiny look that melted him in any circumstance. I wrap her sex proudly trained to give her some sweet caresses…. Then I let it slip between my lips with a real expression of delight. His manly groans indicated to me that he enjoyed this little improvised lollipop.

Not wishing to continue like this, he grabbed my hair without softness and raised my face to the level of yours. He kissed me fiercely, mixing his saliva with mine, infused wit

To be continued


La Puce

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