Christmas Tale for Adults (part 2)

If you missed the beginning of the news, this is where it happens. Good reading.

He grabbed me by the buttocks and put me on the edge of the furniture. Her tongue slipped between my lips, uncovered my love knot and tickled him gently just before coming to spread widely over the entire entrance of my apricot. I felt so faint. Instinctively, taken by my pleasure, I spread my legs a little further to let him enter a little further between my thighs. I lovingly watched him sink between my legs and I catched his eyes. My hands are placed in her hair and they accompanied her movements at the entrance to my body as my breathing becomes more difficult and jerky.

I surrendered myself completely to this sweet feeling, but my man stopped to leaving me on the brink of enjoyment. He lifted me up and dragged me into our room suddenly. He sat me down and I took great care to spread my legs wide to call him to me.

During this time, his eyes have not left mine and I saw in them the satisfaction of pleasure, the same one that must appear on my face. This exquisite endless mirror game further stimulated our respective pleasures. I did not resist and find his member so proudly erect with delight. My mouth and hand slided along this soft, warm limb with application, softness and tenderness, while her hands caress my breasts. They’re soft. They’re hot. He loved rolling them in his hands, playing with them, caressing them, kissing them, hearing in my breath the effect that it made me.

The position was such that he could also slide his hand between my legs. As they are already spread out, all he had to do was let his fingers run along my thighs to come and plate the palm of his hand on my open, free and burning sex of desire. In a few seconds, while I was still making delicious back and forth on her sex, two fingers came sticking into my body. When they slipped into the depths of my body, my breathing stopped and I stopped him with his lips around his glans to feel the multiplicity of sensations that exploded at that very moment in my being. Her sex inside my mouth. One of my hands holding firmly the base of your rod, the other holding your testicles, one of my breasts locked firmly in your hand, and two fingers that came to sink slowly and irresistibly into my body…

It was a little too much for a woman like me and I couldn’t help but faint with pleasure at that moment. A whirlwind of sensations took me away. I wanted nothing to move. You wanted time to stop so you could be glued to such a delicious and almost accomplished moment.

Almost accomplished because something was still missing. A little nothing that did everything.

Delicately he removed his lust object from my mouth at the same time as his fingers removed themselves from my body, also freeing my chest. He helped me up and his mouth came to kiss me with enthusiasm, without the slightest delicacy but with envy. Her kisses shouted: «I want you».

I found myself languorously whispering in your ear:

– Take my love! Right now, I want to feel you inside me, I want to feel your cock in my body.

– I am dying for you too, I want to fuck you, darling.

We understood each other instantly. In quarter of a second, he grabbed my thighs. I wound them up against his body so as to present the entrance of my sex soaked and full of desire right in front of his very hard member. All I had to do was let my pelvis drop a little bit so that the top of her glans slipped between my dripping lips. Without the slightest effort, all softly but totally irrepressible, I felt her sex melt into your burning body.

I needed to feel it deep inside me, so I circled her hips with my legs and I clung to her neck. He hastened to slip his two hands under his buttocks, allowing me to impale myself completely on his proudly erect machine. When our bodies bumped against each other, your sex filled me perfectly to the point that I no longer dared to move so as not to lose this sweet feeling of being completely filled by my man.

We remained motionless for several seconds, the time to let us feel all the depth of penetration and he took advantage of it to swallow your nipples. He swallowed them, licked them, sucked them. In a flash of lucidity, I extend the bust to present them even closer to him and his mouth, his lips, his tongue went to heart joy as his arms begin to accompany the movements of my pelvis on my sex. Firmly gripped to my man, I moved my hips, whimpering with pleasure in his neck where I had tucked my face.

I felt impaled on her tail. She filled my whole body. She pierced me and her movements of the pelvis stimulated my love knot against her pubis. The flow of pleasure intensified at every moment. I offered myself totally, eager to live a monumental sexual experience.

Every millimeter of your pelvis against mine made me feel like I was totally possessed by that cock that filled my entire body. His movements became more and more extensive. I saw you come every second, I felt the pleasure you took in response to the one you gave me.

What I felt was unimaginable and I realized it when I realized I was screaming. I literally screamed with pleasure because with every move, I felt his tail through you and every additional wave of pleasure added to the huge ball that was forming in your belly and that was going to explode in a few moments.

He gave me the order to reach orgasm.

Enjoy my love, I want you to come, I want you to no longer control your pleasure, go ahead, move, make love to me!

What was not my surprise to hear my response, quite unusual in my mouth:

– Oh yes, I come, I love it. I feel your cock very deeply in my pussy, I love it. I love it when you fuck me like that, only you can make me come like that. It’s so good to feel your big cock exploding, piercing me, ripping me apart…

Meanwhile, I kept moving on her limb harder and harder, farther and faster. I will come, I know it, I feel it and it is done when all my muscles, not one of them is missing at the call, all my muscles stiffened and froze. We stayed nested in each other without moving for long seconds.

I literally swallowed her limb, my whole body stiffened as the intense fire of the ball of pleasure that had just exploded in my lower tummy spread through my toes…

I realized that he had not come, that he had not come. I come down to earth, my feet touching the ground again, I sit quickly on the bed behind me and I take back his swollen cock and ready to explode in my mouth. Without him having the time to say or do anything, I sucked him like I never sucked him before. I felt that the orgasm I had just experienced possessed you entirely.

My mouth around his tail was intense, strong, enveloping, delicious. It didn’t take you long to realize he was coming violently. He removed my face from his sex, my lips reluctantly abandoned this swollen limb that was about to explode and it was my hand that took over immediately. A few seconds later, his sperm burst into several powerful jets on my chest. It fell on my breasts and I saw it flowing on my breasts that you loved so much.

To further honor this member who had given me so much pleasure, I resumed his sex in my mouth and I made him reach a point of no return when my tongue came to lick his acorn while he had just come. My entire mouth welcomed his sex and sensitivity makes it almost a second orgasm he felt. He didn’t want to, so he begged me to stop and came and replaced his sex with his mouth.

I snuggled up to his chest. Each of our hair, each of our pores of the skin breathed the majestic orgasm that we had just felt. We kissed like we never kissed before. With an intensity, a strength, a love you only meet once in a lifetime…

I gently turned my face back to look at him tenderly before whispering to him in love.

– Merry Christmas, my darling.


La Puce

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