Hi 2020 !!!

Happy New Year to you all !!! On this first day of the year 2020 and my little brain still clouded by this year change, I went back to last year’s vows to remember my good resolutions and see if I could have kept them.

  • 1st resolution on my 2019 list – Losing weight. Well, contrary to what you might have thought at the beginning of this year, I had the clincher and 17 small kilos flew away from my figure. Don’t ask me what I’ve been the diet, because I still can’t keep one. I just followed the doc’s advice by eliminating Coca from my diet, eating less fat, walking more and running after kittens… I am still very far from my goal, but these losing kilos have led me to believe that I could one day find a line more pleasant to look at and especially without this little disgraceful buoy… So I will continue on this path during the year 2020.
  • 2nd resolution of my 2019 list – Spend more time at home doing cocooning. In this area, it can be said that I respected my resolution constrained and forced. Between my health problems, the hive explosion, disappearances and especially professional difficulties, I traveled less than the previous year. But, everything to an end. I’m on my way back to the flat country tomorrow before I take off for a few days on the other side of the Atlantic to meet my family of heart. I miss her so much.
  • 3rd resolution of my 2019 list – Read before sleeping and store the TV outside to my room. I don’t have enough time to read, but I have sometimes read before I go to sleep, but in a way that is too rare. However, television is still in my room. But, in my new home, it will be banned, I promise.
  • New resolution 2020 – Rebuild me. I realized this year that I had buried too much suffering, too much pain and especially that I had not concluded many stories that happened to me during my life. I couldn’t move forward without closing them and that’s what I’m doing through my novel, but also with your help. I wish I could be a better person. Well, I don’t promise to turn my pig character, just to soften. I’ll always be a nice pain in the ass, but it’s only because I love you and I want the best for you.

The resolutions impossible to hold

  • Stop biting your nails. Clearly, I still can’t. Thank you my work.
  • Frolic with my Kings. My hive exploded, so it was impossible to hold.
  • Disconnect from your mobile and social media. Until recently, my phone was not my best friend, but I have discovered a few apps that are useful to me… because my brain cells are starting to show some bugs. So much so that I became addicted to my phone, even if I still lose it as much which now makes me sick . I need to learn how to detoxify myself from this diabolical machine that took me back to social media. I will try not to open it again when I wake up and forget it some days to focus on real activities or real relationships.

In the end, I am proud of myself because I have managed to keep my resolutions for my well-being. And you, have you found the ones that would make you happy, fulfilled? I remind you that you take them for yourself and not be subjected to any pressure, or else forget them right now. They must bring something to you and not for others.

On Mimine’s side, she also kept her commitments to squirrels. It must be said that she has been busy with her two maternity wards and now, with her five kittens at home, she is fully invested in her role as a mother.

Beethoven left us this year to join the stars, where he must run between the clouds, have plenty of food and watch over my little family. His kindness, his hugs, his good face and his snoring miss us.

After this short review, I am in the starting blocks to feed this blog with my discoveries, but also my astonishments and your existential questions (or not). I want to thank my friends, my colleagues and my entourage for constantly giving me material for my posts and these holidays have been the occasion to receive many stories and requests that will make the days of these pages beautiful.

Take care of yourself.


La Puce

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