Let’s continue our exploration of these ladies’ panties

After making the deal to talk about the lust of these ladies, we will explore what surrounds us to realize that anything can bring us back to our privacy

In the kitchen

– the hair pie

– the microwave

– a little bit of good

In nature

– the water lily

– the bush and the pointed bush

– the bocage and its variant the laughing bocage

– the rose

– the flower

– the gardener

– the valley

– the Mount of Venus, the split Mount or the hairy Mount

– the cave

– the clearing after the forest

– the bottomless well

– the cave without poop

– the den of pleasure

– the pink terrier


– paradise

– the Stargate

– the Middle Earth

– the Grand Canyon

– the Mother Ship

– the Tunnel of Love

– the Rose Fortress

– the 9th wonder of the world

– The Black Hole


– Princess

– “the Countess”

– the Snow Queen

– the without panties

– Madam President

In the business lines

– the composter

– the yoni (In Sanskrit it means “place”. Yoni is called architectural decorations symbolizing female genitalia, the male counterpart being the lingam. Reserved for discerning Tantrists.)

– the snake trainer

See you tomorrow, to find a little poetry, because I still have many expressions to communicate to you.




La Puce

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