Let’s go for the last time in our men’s underwear

My last two posts did the honors of the gentlemen’s thing, but I had forgotten to be complete on the subject, that it is accompanied by two little things…

Literature does not forget them, as we do when it comes to pleasing our men. Let’s start with the best-known word.

– the bags

– the purses

– the kidneys

– the coons

– the groups

– the three-room service (very elegant, I find personally)

– the rows with its variants such as the roubignolles

– the progeny (or descendants)

– the crotch

– the balls

– the balls

– the family jewellery

– the waltzers

– the joys

– the parties

– the peanuts

– hazelnuts

– the olives

– the balls (billiards or bowling balls according to their rate of filling and bragging of its gentlemen) and its variant the balls

– the sweets (it goes so well with the lollipop)

– the captives

– the binoculars

– the stripes

– orphans

Some beautiful expressions can also refer to them.

– the neighbours below

– The Venus dumplings

– TheSaturday night pralines (I didn’t know there was a special day to visit them)

– The girls to the father

– the two vials of the Eternal Father

– Alsace and Lorraine

– Ying and Yang

In fact, you can use any expression that goes in pairs.

In our visit to the underwear, let us not forget what constitutes their essence, sperm. Many flowery expressions can refer to it.

– the kidney oil

– the man body syrup

– the brandy

– the nectar

But I would not be incomplete if I did not mention the erection of these gentlemen. We are very happy when the male brain is in shape.

the little soldier on guard

– the little man ready to do his duty

– Having Gaul, the stick or the stick (of course, any long and stiff weapon will do in this expression)

– to draw the sword out of the sheath

– to set up the capital or its variant set up the mast of the capital.

– to have flageolet on the door

– to have the colours drawn

– to have the arrow out of the quiver

– to have a tiger in the engine

– to have the lamp roll or glass

– to have uranium in the clerk

During my post last year, I had made a list of poetic expressions (or not) concerning sexual practices. My research and your numerous e-mails allowed me to add to this list and I put here some expressions that made me laugh so much the imagination in this field is boundless. Let’s start with the lonely pleasures of these gentlemen.

– to hit the column

– to shine the machine

– to polish the Chinese (don’t ask me why, I don’t know)

– to polish the thing

– to make a 5 against one

– to practice the Wrist Widow

– to shake hands with the father of his children

– to making the brass

– to beat up the little brother

– to make the Cyclops cry (who remains my favourite)

– to water the woofer

– to stretch the one-legged

– to play “spit or I’ll strangle you”

– to promote the creator (also known as fellatio)

– to identify eyes (in case of abuse)

The «oral sex» is not left out in the literature with some nice expressions. As for fellatio (also called lollipop or treat in common language), we talk about

– to make a firefighter

– to practice the poor’s lollipop

– to play the trombone or any wind instrument by adding the term “wig or mustache”…

– to kiss the bald guy

– to play pan flute

– to promote the creator

– to scalp the mohican

Let’s not forget sodomy, a long-forbidden practice that proposes a very poetic language.

– to go through the back door

– to contact the Annex

– to take the artists’ entrance

– to visit the abbey of Verso

– to put a candle in the rest room

– to take route bis or route advised by Bison Smart

– to visit the department of bas-rein

– to ride the antique

– to push the Florentine boot (this would come from the reputation of being gay by the people of Florence)

– to be pushed aside

Be careful when you say “it’s a pearl”! The expression does not only refer to a person of value, but to a fan of sodomy because, to make a necklace, a bead is inserted in both directions.

Now you are ready to shine in society and under the duvet.


La Puce

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