Let’s visit the object of lust for these gentlemen

As I am for gender equality, even on this blog, I had to study the little poetic nicknames that we gave to the object of lust of these ladies after exploring the boxers of these gentlemen.

Discover some beautiful, poetic and delicate nicknames of others are really not but they made me laugh.

At the pet store

– the cat and its variants the cat, the kitten, the kitten, the kitten and even meow

– the hedgehog (just shave it to regain its sweetness)

– the marmot (you have to know how to wake her up… a little sweetness can work miracles)

– the bulldog (if in doubt, check for teeth)

– the pachole (thanks to the Marseillais for their comparison with a small pocket-shaped fishing net)

– the snail and its variant schneck (this term comes from German meaning snail, slug)

– the butterfly

– the gardon

– the chip with its pupuce variant

– the Pink Panther


In the fruit and vegetable section

– the apricot

– the fig

– the plum

– the cherry or its variant the cherry on the cake.

– the strawberry

– raspberry

– the fruit basket

Good reason to eat 5 fruits a day .


In the supermarket

– the honey jar

– the Kinder Surprise

– fishmonger (not very elegant)

– the American Pie

– the Norman hole

– the berlingot

– the treat

The last two terms also refer to the clitoris…


In old French

– the con (From the Latin “cuna”, which means…cradle)

“The choune” (this concerns a charming girl endowed with malice and grace.)

– the cramouille (From the Limousin dialect “cramolha”, which used to mean “scoundrel”. Gives full meaning to the expression “snuggle up”)

Tomorrow we will explore the reliefs of women’s bodies.


La Puce

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