“The Elf on the Shelf”, a beautiful Christmas tradition

As Christmas approaches, this is a revelation about one of the best-kept secrets of the season: how Santa knows who the wise children are, and how the terrible children are. Little investigation of Santa’s special agents: the elves.

As the holidays approach, each parent has a strong ally to tame their offspring: Santa Claus. Like a sword of Damocles, every toddler knows perfectly well that stupidity will be brought back to the giant with a white beard.

This tradition comes from the tale written by Carol Aebersold and her daughter Chanda Bell: «Elf on the Shelf: A Christmas Tradition». The two direct correspondents of the Santa Claus also have a special relationship with the Elves. Santa’s little Nordic spies landed in the homes the day after Thanksgiving, and settled in until Christmas. Beware of the terrible children!

Elves are therefore Santa’s eyes and ears. They wait wisely in the polar cold for a family to welcome them: The home must read «The Elf on the Shelf», or write to Santa. This new family member must be given a name and his adoption declared on the dedicated website.

Once adopted, the Elf will receive its magical powers and can become part of the family tradition every year. When everyone is asleep, the Elf will return to the North Pole to play with his friends, but especially to make a detailed report to the big boss.

Several rules are to be respected with his elf. You must never touch an Elf, otherwise he would lose all his magic and he would be unable to cross the dark night to chat with the great Bearded One. “Then he would think you forgot him…” If your child couldn’t help but hug her in the morning, don’t panic, here’s a tip to help her regain her powers: sprinkle some cinnamon on her side.

The special agent for Santa Claus hurries back to his adopted family before sunrise, and lands every day in a different place in the house. He’ll watch for the kids to clear the table or eat their vegetables, read the homework over their shoulders, and check for proper teeth brushing the next day, On weekends they make sure they don’t go to bed too late, etc…

Among the other rules, the elf is forbidden to speak. But on the other hand, he listens to everything the child tells him. In the book, he encourages her to confide her dreams and hopes. The elf disappears on Christmas Eve to give way to Santa Claus and his gift distribution. He promises to come back next year.

This new friend allows you to tell your children that it is useless to try to fake Santa Claus, even with delicious cookies and carefully written letters, because Santa knows everything…

Why do I love this tradition?

Because the elf is so cute, already, with her little smile in the corner, and every morning I look for him, because I have no child but I find my child soul to Christmas. This is now the first question we ask ourselves: “But where is it installed today?”  The game of hide and seek is nice.

A small thought to the parents, who every night when the children are lying down or very early in the morning while their offspring are still in Dreamland, have to find hiding places for this special agent. They are obviously asked to be inventive. Instagram accounts are dedicated to the adventures of all the Elves of the United States. It’s a lot of funny.


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