The Good Resolutions of 2019

Yesterday, we celebrated Epiphany with friends. Around a cake, we discussed our good resolutions of the year. I made the decision to note them in order to make a small assessment at the end of the year. During a reading, I was surprised to know that 88% of the French did not hold them. Me, the first!

By noting them, I tell myself that some will find it easier to hold them. Here are the good resolutions of the group.

  • Losing weight. Well, it’s one of mine. I know I have a few pounds to lose since my in vitro fertilizations and my adoration for Coke does not really improve my figure. I’m counting on my second King to force me to take control of myself.
  • Stop smoking. I do not feel concerned … Your lungs and those around you will thank you.
  • Do not bite your nails anymore. Clearly, I can not do it, so I did not take it.
  • Disconnect from your mobile and social networks. There, some will depress. Take my first King. If he does not look at his mails, the information every quarter of an hour, he is missing. Having major migraines, my doctor asked me to move away from my person and I have seen for years. No more phone, life is more crazy. I use it very sparingly, so I forget it regularly and never know where I put it.
    Spare couple moments. I know who will have to find a little libido. I remind you that work is not the only important part of our life and that children can be placed for a few hours with friends or relatives to be in love. Beethoven, Mimine and I always welcome lost souls when needed.
  • To go on a trip. Clearly, my loyalty card has more miles than I could use in a year and with the coming year, I’m still going around the world, so my wish is to spend time at home at do some pampering.

We must know ourselves to be able to hold them. It is useless to ask for the moon, if not in a fortnight, we will have abandoned our good resolutions to resume our bad habits. We must take them to improve his life, his daily life because we feel the need and not to please others or his partner. Motivation must be the central element of our resolutions. I remind everyone that Rome was not built in a day. Each little daily stone helps to reach its ultimate goal.

I made the decision to read a little every day before falling asleep, to put the TV outside my room and then to write regularly to share my daily life, in addition to losing a few pounds. I also want to continue to have fun under my comforter with my Kings. Mimine made the firm decision to make friends with squirrels and stop claiming food to everyone. Beethoveen has decided to continue living without changing anything. He’s stubborn condition.

So, what are your good resolutions of the year?


La Puce

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