Your underwear also goes to exotic lands

Let’s resume our exploration of the gentlemen’s underwear. After visiting the pet store, the kitchen and the tools department, I suggest that we venture into more exotic countries…

At the armory

– the baton

– the stick

– the lance

– the perch

– the arrow

– the bazooka

– the missile (launcher)

– the calibre

– the barrel

– the weapon

– the revolver

– the gourd

– the tail

– the robber (it’s a small sword… contrary to what you think gentlemen)

– the knout (Russian whip)

– the stick

– the size (large or not) and its argotic variant the brolic



– the menhir (for our Breton friends)

– Bangala (ethnic population of Congo)

– the visitor

– the zboub (a short tour in the medina of the Magrheb)

– the Gaul

– the Chibroque

– the biroute (the air handle or a marine mooring pole)


In the alleys of Hollywood

– the Clinton

– the Trump

– Zani

– Bobby (referring to Kennedy for my American friends)

– Obelix

– Asterix

– the Priape (in reference to a Greco-Roman god with a giant penis)


In the streets of the cities

– the pine

– the chib with its chibron, chibraque, or chichi variants.

– the cock

– the end

– the tail

– the dick

– the dick

– the zgeg

– the chib

– la clinche

– la tcholle


In the children’s rooms

– the dick

– the kiki

– the zizi

– the zigounette

– the zigouigoui

– the bistouquette

– the little bird

– the trilili

– the zette

– the tich (pronouncing “tiche” is Brussels, a little old and childish)

– the joystick (this is also true for some older children)


In the optical illusions

– him

– third leg (or middle leg)

– the trick

– the thing

– the third hand

– the little soldier (who stands guard over you)

the little man

– the thing

– the big bald

– the scout

– the attribute

– the manhood

– the masculine member (or not)

– the saw

– the passkey

After all these trips, here is a list of unclassifiable….

– the mastodon (for the boasters – found in the writer François Weyergans: “rubbing the mastodon”)

– the tutor (I love the justification, “helps women to stand straight when they ride it”)

– the chisel

– the rod

– the heckler

– the pousśmoussu

– the minor

– the comma (my preference)

Let’s end with a few pictorial expressions.
– the gallant cucumber

– quilt asparagus

– the turtleneck twit

– the devil’s staff

– the stick of flesh

– stick at one end

– the stick that drives you crazy

– the pan flute

– the flute with a hole

– the crutch

– the sapper crank

– the ball hammer

– the wig syringe

– the bold rooster

– the grass growing in the hand

– the happiness of the ladies (we agree if and only if you know how to use it )

– the horny reed

– the warming curler (I love even if I don’t see the connection)

– the “Come back to me.”

– the male brain

I hope this has given you some ideas… Feel free to send me your findings so that I can complete these lists…



La Puce


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